Thursday, May 25, 2006

Memoirs (on completion of first year in infy)

18th April, 2006
A full cycle, one year has come to an end .The most happening, most exciting year, a year full of emotions, love, sorrows, turnarounds, surprises, shocks has come to an end. The year in which I laughed, cried, felt good n bad n sometimes at the same time. The year which was different in so many ways. The year in which mom’s innocent little boy faced the real cruel (which wasn’t that cruel) world. The year in which my ideals and learnings were put to test, and with god’s grace I was able to come out of difficult situations gracefully. A year in which my confidence in friends proved right, realized the true value of friendship and how much I love my friends back home. I came to know people of different traditions and made friends from different cultures. Many of my pre-conceived notions were shattered and many turned out to be true. The year I came to know of people with thought processes/beliefs which were beyond my understanding. The year I changed and changed a lot. Year that made me realize how much and whom I love and to what extent I can go for some. The year I became weak, when I came strong, when I traveled a lot, made decisions independently and sometimes very spontaneously. The year in which I grew a lot. My viewpoint about life went a bit of correction. A year of many firsts, first salary, saw sea for the first time, stayed alone away from home for more than a week for first time, first visit to south India ,first airplane journey. A year of separations, year of new beginnings it was.
Yet to find a better place than home.
Someone has rightly said:
Jo sukh chajju je chaubare oh na balakh na bukhare

Rauni Rauni Rauni ghar vargi mauj na theoni


crusoe said...

Pretty senti posts dude !
Didnt knew you write this well too :-)

Hope you are having fun! All the best for future

Neha said...

hey that was awesome..
everyone can relate it to his/her own thoughts after completion of one year at a diffferent new place. ........especially those..evrything first

Raji said...

ahh.. man!! you have done it great!! i wonder if some one like u cud get this senti :p hehe ;)

Spandana said...

hey avi.. never knew u can put down ur feelings in writing so beautifully.. nice blog.. i liked it...