Thursday, May 25, 2006

The day it was

5th Jan, 2006
The day it was (New Year Eve)

What a year this has been! After celebrating Diwali for 2 days, having a fun filled Christmas, now was the turn of the last day of the year. And what a day it turned out to be.

The day was much like the year had been for me, disappointments to start with and rocking in the end. Shreyas’ friend had come here from Bangalore for the new year blast and also he wanted to check whether his car’s 5th gear works or not J. Finally we really had a blast .Plans were made, scrapped and again made throughout the day.

In the morning we went to Malpe beach and had plans to go to St.Mary’s Island. But when we reached there, it turned out to be an anticlimax. There was some festival going on and beach was so crowded and made so dirty that it will take some days to clean it off.

It was around one in afternoon and we were feeling hungry and disappointment added to the hunger. So we went to Manipal (we all wanted to see that place), had food there, roamed around a bit and then decided to go to Hosebettu Beach.

Now the fun part began. Went deep (around 30-40m) into the sea, ran races and also played cricket with local people there. Spent the best part of the day there and it was fun for around 3-4 hrs. Moved back to our house after sunset.

After getting refreshed, went for shopping. Did some quick shopping. Then we went to CafĂ© Coffee day, spent some good time there. And then came the plan change (we had earlier decided to spend the new year night at Liquid Lounge). Instead we got pizzas packed from Mc Donalds and headed for “ Sultan battery Beach “ then on the way decided to turn towards “Taner Baavi Beach” as only 15 mins were left for the new year to start. When we reached there it was pitch dark, although suddenly that day the road to that beach looked very crowded and really a happening place. Moved back, parked the car along the river side. It was a picturesque scene, as we could see fireworks from a within a natural frame formed by branches of 2 tress coming together. Had pizzas there and enjoyed the start of the new year seeing the fireworks from that natural frame on a river side.

Still excitement wasn’t sinking in. Now went to Sultan battery river side. Sat there for an hour, enjoyed the cool breeze there. Then at around 2 am in the morning we reached home.
It was different, really different. By far my best new year celebration till now.
I’m loving it !

Arvinder Singh Khosla

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hmm.. this onez great too dude!! am getting good stuffs to read thru ur blog ;)