Sunday, July 29, 2007

The power of ONE

It was Saturday. But had to go to a doc; somehow managed to get up on a beautiful rainy day and drove through to the doc's clinic. Reached there in an hour, though clinic was at 5 mins bike ride from home. Had to wait on the way as it started raining heavily. And by the time I reached, I could see around 20 people lined up waiting for the doctor. And to top it all, I hadn't booked an appointment. The receptionist asked me to visit on Monday. Had to apply a jack, I have become used to. This time it was another doc’s reference. And as always it worked. The receptionist asked me to wait, as she would try to adjust me with one of the patients.

The entire environment in the lobby was gloomy. Everybody looked damn dumb and serious there. There were people from different backgrounds. A lady with a bob cut was looking down upon the others as if she had seen some dirty aliens while the traditional people sitting there seemed to be cursing her for tarnishing their culture.

Amidst this gloomy lobby, out a sudden a lady came there with her child. The child was a beautiful baby boy with a smile as rare and as true as you can get. His eyes conveyed his happiness to be in this world. The curiosity in his eyes seemed to be wondering at the expressions of the patients sitting there, what they had lost that he isn’t aware of. He was so lively and sweet that, everyone was attracted towards him. Suddenly everybody was interested in the child's movements and expressions. The other children sitting there too came to play with him. One child had suddenly livened up a dull place. Seemed like a situation out of a book, but this was happening in front of my eyes. Reminded me of a coke ad "Dikhte hain hum alag alag par andar se hain hum same same....".

As the child left, the situation was back to normal or should I say back to abnormal. But one strange child had touched everybody's life and given them a moment of joy.

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Raji said...

Great!! u becoming a real good writer.. i would also like to borrow some ;)